Preparate naturale

 About us
Although the company has been established since 2001, in 2010 it left the idea of ​​developing a farm to meet family needs in terms of fresh and natural products (poultry, beef, sheep, eggs, milk etc.)
As the stock of poultry and animals has started to grow, we have obtained the producer certificate to be able to unload the surplus products to the population.

Starting in the autumn of 2012, we set up a small meat processing workshop where we started a home-made micro-production, traditional preparations in the true sense of the word, with no additives or synthesis substances, not injected, using only spices and natural spices , the operation being done manually, as our grandparents did and as anyone could do at home.

Also in autumn 2012, with the Day of Harvest was the first participation in the Traditional Products Fair organized at the Exhibition Pavilion in Mamaia - Constanta. There have been many other local exhibitions until February 2014, when we decided to move to a form of legal organization and so we created the Limited Liability Company "MOS IOSIF".

Currently, "MOS IOSIF" LLC has its registered office and work point in Cumpana Commune, Constanta County, in an authorized production unit DSV with oval stamp number 640, which allows us to offer the highest hygiene preparations , food quality and safety.

The main object of activity is the production of natural preparations, which do not contain any additives or artificial substances, considering that only by this way the natural preparations MOS IOSIF will represent a niche on the internal and external market.

This work has brought us into our client portfolio, a local and national name for the quality of our products, such as:
In Constanta, in the hypermarket network and in some local stores such as: Moara Veche, Brancoveneasca Court, Pinos Trade 2001, Grand, Adivin, bacania Madame "Z", Polar, Peasants Dobrogeni, Camara Maria, Finest, Dina-Cumpana.
In Bucharest, in the hypermarket network and in some local stores such as:
House with Twins, Bacania the Sun, Bacania Companion, Bacania Old, Origins, Ki-Life Natural.

It is important to note that our preparations:

They contain no additives, synthesis or dyes!
Conservation is done:
- by salt intake (which does not contain silritra or other mixtures) and pure spices, in natural state!
- by heat treatment, in the baking cell with firewood!
- by packing mode, in vacuum.